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KCG, a small, general-contracting company approached us when it considered opening a second business specializing in high-end stairs and railings. KCG wasn't certain which market to focus on or how to achieve its goals. Our challenge was to identify KCG's primary clientele and develop a strategic marketing plan to reach them.


We determined that the strategy for the company's success was to target the construction market for new homes – specifically, the interior designers who conceptualize stylish staircases. We infused the KCG brand with an edgy, modern voice reflecting the homey feel that designers seek for their clients. KCG now has an advantage in the staircase-building market and is one of the top recommended vendors among designers.
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In Their Words...

Upon a colleagues recommendation I called iDesign. It was the the best thing for my success. Yocheved and her staff made sure to fully understand my services and customer base and designed a branding package to fit. We immediately saw a difference in both the number of calls as well as the quality of calls showing that we had really reached my market.

Dov Kesserman CEO

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