Nomi - iDesign Branding Project


When Yittu Fink, the founder of Nomi, a wig company based in New Jersey, approached us, she needed a strong brand identity to succeed in a competitive market. She wanted to convey primarily that her clients – casual, low-maintenance women looking for a stress-free buying experience could buy stunning, high-quality wigs at a great price. Our challenge was to create a brand that would project quality and affordability.


We brought that message alive with the “Beautiful Like You” tagline and a brand identity conveying simplicity and style. A sharp website and targeted marketing campaign helped to further bolster the brand. Nomi's business has since rapidly expanded throughout the New York City tri-state area.
Nomi Salon - iDesign Branding
Nomi Website - iDesign Branding
Nomi Card - iDesign Branding
Nomi Billboard - iDesign Branding Nomi Billboard - iDesign Branding
Nomi Wig - iDesign Branding
Nomi Bag - iDesign Branding

In Their Words...

iDesign was such a pleasure to work with. They understood what I wanted instantly, and conveyed that beautifully with their gorgeous artistic talent. Highly recommended!

Yittu Fink, founder and director of Nomi Wigs LLC

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