Mist - iDesign Branding Project


Created by Clearwater Inc, Mist is a line of refrigerator filters made to deliver highly visible results that surpass those achieved by most filters. Through a process of relentless innovation, they combine modern technology with deep consumer understanding to deliver a truly unique and effective solution. MIST hired iDesign to bring their products to life with messaging and a brand identity to surpass their competition and give them an edge in the marketplace.


A lot rides on the success of a product's voice and packaging. We built a full brand in-sync with Mist's strategic goals, and a full line of packaging for the various products of their line. The outcome not only looks modern, fresh and beautiful, it is informational and educates about what the product does, and what benefits it provides. Mist is now selling thousands of units in different platforms over the USA.
Mist Logo - iDesign Branding
Mist Bottle - iDesign Branding
Mist Truck - iDesign Branding Mist Truck - iDesign Branding
Mist Filter - iDesign Branding Mist Filter - iDesign Branding
Mist At Home - iDesign Branding
Mist Containers - iDesign Branding
Mist Building - iDesign Branding
Mist Packaging - iDesign Branding

In Their Words...

iDesign is truly amazing. You guys gave us a beautiful cohesive foundation from which to grow. Our new packaging helped sales soar within a few months of launch. Thank you!

Sean Bradey CEO Mist

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