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Scarlet Oaks Retirement Community is a home in Cincinnati that offers nursing and rehabilitation services. It had a poor reputation and portrayed a very outdated identity. When new management took over, they approached us to rebrand the location and design a modern logo targeting potential patients and their loved ones, as well as hospital staff looking to place their patients in good hands.


A new Scarlet Oaks image was born. The new branding conveys trust, medical expertise and care to reflect the new goals of the new management.
Scarlet Oaks Resident - iDesign Branding
Scarlet Oaks News - iDesign Branding
Scarlet Oaks Bath - iDesign Branding
Scarlet Oaks Website - iDesign Branding
Scarlet Oaks Pillow - iDesign Branding

In Their Words...

Working with the team at IDesign was such a valuable experience! We spent several hours sharing with the them every aspect of our business so they would know who we are and why we do the work we do. The final product truly captured all of the detail we were looking for! Thank you iDesign!

Laurel Sawyer

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