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VIVA Shoes started in Los Angeles in 2003 as a company that designed several lines of elegant high-end shoes, with branches in Los Angeles, New York City and Houston. The company approached us to help improve its lower-than-projected annual revenue. VIVA Shoes wished to build a wider customer base and eventually to sell its products at a higher price point.


We understood that VIVA Shoes' target market is sophisticated, upper-class women. With modern fashion in mind, iDesign guided VIVA through a strategy that included new branding and packaging. This infused VIVA with an attractive, exciting appeal and provided customers with a state-of the-art online and brick-and-mortar shopping experience. VIVA now brings an exclusive shopping experience to the modern, fashion-forward woman.
VIVA Shoes Shopping - iDesign Branding
VIVA Shoes Billboard - iDesign Branding VIVA Shoes - iDesign Branding
VIVA Wedding Shoes - iDesign Branding
VIVA Waiting Shoes - iDesign Branding
VIVA Magazine Shoes - iDesign Branding
VIVA Shoes Store - iDesign Branding VIVA Shoes Store - iDesign Branding
VIVA Browsing Shoes - iDesign Branding

In Their Words...

iDesign was incredible to work with. They took all our dreams, hopes, and projected images for the future of VIVA shoes, and brought it to LIFE. Our customers are now emptying the shoes off our shelves faster than you can say the word VIVA. Thank you for all your incredible work!

Jessica Huston CEO of VIVA SHOES and Co.

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